Health and Work: How They Affect Each Other

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Health and work
Health and work

Work can have a toll on our health. And so does health. Bad health conditions can of course, affect our ability to work and our productivity as an employee. A number of most common work related health issues, their effect on the work and few solutions are discussed below.

  1. Headache 

Constant stress, persistent exposure to computer screens, noise, lack of sleep, adequate food and water, other psychological and social triggers etc. in workplace can lead to lingering headaches or migraine in employees. And we often tend to dismiss it as something trivial. We hardly realizes how badly it can affect our work, ability to concentrate and our overall productivity.

Solution: Ensure proper sleep, take sufficient breaks, do workouts, practice yoga etc.

2. Eye strain:

Round the clock, we’re constantly staring at our computer screens, tablets and phones. And that causes damage to our eyes the most. This eye strain or ‘computer vision syndrome’ as they call it, can lead to a feeling of discomfort, pain, blurring of the vision, headache, gradual loss of sight etc. To begin with, it increases the chances of errors or mistakes in our work. Also, it can make it hard for us to concentrate.

Solution: Blink more often. Adjust screen brightness, contrast, distance from the screen, text size etc. Take regular breaks.

3. Insomnia:

Yes, the sleeping disorder. Work pressure, night shifts or rotating shifts, poor sleep habits, stress etc. can lead to acute or chronic insomnia in working population. And it can have a toll on the overall health of a person to an extent we haven’t even thought of. Sleeping disorders can leave individuals tired all day, feeling sleepy and sick even during the work hours affecting your alertness and potential to be productive.

Solution: Stick to a proper sleep-wake cycle. Exercise daily. Limit naps.

4. Obesity:

Unhealthy eating habits owing to work stress and travel, lack of exercise, messed up sleep-wake cycle, lifestyle etc. can increase the risk of obesity among corporate employees. And this obesity and related health issues can keep them away from giving their best in their jobs. (Read our blog on eating disorders here)

Solution: Follow healthy diets, do proper exercise

5.Back Pain, Neck Pain etc.:

A desk job 8 hours a day, 6 days a week can increase the risk of back pain or neck pain in individuals. Lack of movement, poor posture, inadequate back support etc. can only add to it. And back pain remains one of the most common reasons why people miss days at work.

Solution: Take breaks, move around. Stretch. Exercise

6. Workplace stress :

And it isn’t just about one’s physical health, a person’s mental health is more at stake due to work and workplace stress lately. Heavy workload, pressure to meet the deadlines and to perform better than best,  other expectations and demands of employers, overtime, messed up work-life balance, anything can be the reason for this stress. And once it goes beyond the tolerable limit of positive stress, it’s no longer good stress, and that can only deteriorate your quality of work. (Read on Workplace Stress here)

Solution: Understand the stressors, work towards minimizing them. Take enough breaks.

In the ever changing work scenario in this harsh time, it is imperative to focus upon yourself, survive and thrive.

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