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What is Circle?

OpenWings Circle is an online platform for you to improve your soft skills & communication skills through practice online in a group.

In workshops, one speaks – others listen.

In panel discussions, some speak – others listen.

In OpenWings Circle, all speak – all listen

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Reason to Join Circle

With OpenWings Circle you can do all at once, along with learning Team building skills and organizing skills based upon mind & psychology, while interacting with a community of like-minded individuals from diverse fields.

  • Members meet online for an hour every week to discuss various topics based on soft skills- communication skills, conflict resolution, stress management, problem-solving, etc.
  • All members participate actively.
  • Members are of diverse fields.
  • The meets are in a structured format.
  • Meets will have multiple sections including prepared speech, on-the-spot speech, discussions on case studies.

  • Members form meaningful connections with like-minded individuals from diverse fields.
  • Members increase their knowledge and exposure to soft skills.
  • Members are able to make an impact on society by helping in awareness.
  • Members gain experience in their communication skills.
  • Members learn about team-building skills and organizing skills.

Students, Working Professionals, or anyone who wants to improve their confidence, communication skills and other soft-skills. No restrictions on age, education background, domain of work experience, course of study, and any others.

Online Session

Sessions are organized via video meeting platforms

A Community

Build your soft skills through community of like-minded people