Benefits of relaxation: Make some Me-time

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You aren’t supposed to just sit there doing nothing

You’re supposed to do something productive now


If not anyone else, we often hear our very own consciousness warn us. We might be working 8 hours a day, 48 hours a week but an hour or a half of break in between make many of us feel, kind of guilty.

And this comes from the very thought that this time is getting totally wasted and for absolutely nothing. But is that true? Is our leisure a total waste of time? Absolutely not. If anything, it is the most useful of it all. And, of course necessary.

Let’s see why.

Gets your system rebooted

A tea break, a walk or an extended vacation, no matter how short or long it is, it’s a fresh start every time we get back to work after a break. Isn’t it? The relaxation time sucks out the tiredness, stress and everything negative from our otherwise hectic and monotonous lives. So we all definitely need this refresh option called relaxation time in our lives. And it has nothing to do with being lazy. Even if it is, be a bit lazy, for ourselves.

Increased productivity

Humans are said to experience psychological fatigue after 90 minutes of full focus.  So every time we work longer than that, continuously, we’re just exploiting ourselves. We’ll be constantly fighting our lack of attention and also, our body’s need to take a break. And this can have a negative impact on our work. So, in short, the more number of breaks we take, the better will be our output. Or in other words, “pulse and pause” works better for us.

Health benefits

Apart from concentration, giving ourselves the ‘me time’ we all need, can benefit our mental and physical health in numerous other ways too. It can considerably reduce our mental stress and anxiety. Relaxation can also help reduce the blood pressure, muscle tension, fatigue etc. (Read our blog on Health & work here)

Better decision making

Studies says that a person who’s stressed out is more likely to ignore the consequences of the decision they’re about to make. On the other side, a person in a relaxed state of mind can more effectively weigh the pros and cons and take a better decision accordingly.

Increased creativity

Relaxation time you allot yourself becomes even more crucial if your job demands the best out of the ‘creative you’. For, creativity have a lot to do with how calm and relaxed your mind and system is.

Happiness and self discovery

Be it a little session of listening to music (Read our blog on Music as a Therapy here), a walk through the lone corridor, a tea time of self reflection or a journey of self-discovery – when we involve ourselves in activities that we enjoy, it can make one instantly happy and delighted. And that is real well-being. Isn’t it?

So, if you don’t have time, make time.

And make time, me time. Remember, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

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