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Self Improvement

As a working professional, I have come to the right place. I need to feel good about myself. I need to grow. I need to feel more confident. I have decided to take a step towards self-improvement.

“I want to feel motivated in general”

Sometimes it is hard to motivate ourselves to do anything extra for our own benefit. We go to the office, fulfill our responsibilities and avoid challenges for greater opportunities even though we know that we can do it.  Maybe it’s a hobby or a side hustle which we want to pursue for many months now. This lack of motivation is killing our time, thereby making us regret in future for the lost time.

How to do it?

“Make a plan and stick to it”

If you plan to do anything, make a goal, break it down into small parts, and assign timelines to it. If it is not on your calendar, you are not going to do it. Then make sure to follow up on it. Move to the next task as fast as possible to continue your momentum.

“I want to try something new which was on my list”

According to a 2021 research by CensusWide (https://geehair.com/confidence-statistics-uk-2021-how-self-confident-are-we), more than half of young people often worry about what others think of them. So if you think like them, you are not alone.

Accepting the situation is the first part.

How to do it?

“Give yourself exposure to tough situations”

Consider this: Do you feel under-confident while public speaking? Go out to try. Just one more thing, remember to practice like hell before speaking. As a thumb rule, practice at least 10 times: whether in front of a mirror, or with a friend, or even recording your voice and analyzing it. Visualize the stage with the audience, and imagine their response. Practice will make you confident. It is okay to feel nervous- even big actors feel so. Believe in the process of practice, go out, and give your best. Be open to accepting feedback and implementing it next time

“I am recollecting myself after a setback”

I have just faced a big setback and now want to pick myself up. I want to rise above all troubles like job-related stuff or personal mishap, etc., and lead a happy life.

How to do it?

Keep on doing what you are doing. Good to know that you are taking a strong step. Tough situations don’t last, tough people, do. Follow a schedule and focus on yourself. Do not overthink anything. Do not double-check yourself. Do not be confused. Make your mind clear and do whatever makes you happy. You deserve to be relaxed and happy in your personal and professional life. You cannot let troubling stuff affect your professional life as well.

You have come to the right place. We at OpenWings are here to support you in your self-improvement journey. Focus on your work and when you get free, give us a call to us and a counselor will be there to talk to you, understand you and assist you.