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Feeling low after a relationship goes wrong? Repeat after me.

Relationship issues

For every fall there’s a spring and for every low, there’s a high. That’s the dynamics of life. Embracing them both is the most ideal choice one can make. Make sure you repeat after me these formulas of self-motivation.

“It happens”

Life is no cakewalk. And failure is very much part of it. Accepting that means a lot. And see no shame in feeling bad either. You’re very much supposed to feel bad. Just come back trying harder.

“I can”

A mere “I can” can be the mantra for every victory of yours. The trust and belief in yourself is important. When you have no doubt in your thing and no negative thought wave pass by your mind, success is certain. Or in other words, the chance of failure is proportional to the fear of failure you have. Haven’t you felt that? Give a thought.

“I made it so far, why not hereupon”

You survived so far because you’re the fittest. A gentle reminder to the hardest times you surpassed in life can boost you like nothing else.

“Life is giving me lemons and I’m going to make lemonade”

Seeing the positive in something is a choice. And seeing the same in adversity is savviness. Believe me, you are very much capable of recasting the sourness of lemons life gives you to the palatableness of lemonade.

“Everything is going to be okay”

Because why not? No season last forever. The belief is more than enough to command life to pursue that way.

If you are struggling with relationship problems or any other issues, don’t hesitate to reach out for help.

Talk to an OpenWings counselor for support and guidance. They can help you work through your problems and find ways to cope with the difficulties you are facing. Remember, you are not alone and there are people who care and are willing to help you.