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Depression in students

Depression in students

Written by: Ms. Samridhi Thukral, Student, St. Andrew’s College, Mumbai

What is it?

Many people have this stereotype that depression is just restricted to being sad, or if something bad happens, people become very sad and they take their lives. Well that is not the whole truth. Depression is not just being sad, moody or feeling down when one has had a bad thing coming, it is not being able to enjoy your time even when you should, when with friends, family or after doing great on an exam. It is when you don’t get a reason to get out of your bed every morning. It is being not being lazy, but not being active when you want to.


Depression in students is a common phenomenon. The common triggers of depression among students is not doing well in school, being bullied, a break-up, a dominating parent, etc. Usually the target population for depression is adolescents from age 11-19.

Usually in adolescents (student population) girls are more prone to depression than boys. As girls always are expected to behave a certain way. Society, always expects girls to be more sophisticated, know how to cook, dress well, be more like a lady, they have a picture painted in their head that a girl is supposed to be like this.


In schools, especially girls, are teased because of their weight, how they look, they have body image issues, this is a major causal factor for depression. 

So this thinking adds a certain amount of pressure on girls to be perfect, it is observed by researchers that perfectionists are always more prone to depression, as they want to do better and better, and they are never happy with the end result, they forget the fact that nothing is perfect, there is always some flaw, some mistake and we need to live with that. 

In school, especially when we hit puberty, many of us are uncomfortable with the sudden changes in our body, some of us have acne, pimples, rashes, because of hormonal changes, and some of us are too tall or short, that is a major factor for depression, as some of us can’t adjust with the fact that why some of us growing so much, or why our bodies changing so much. 


Lastly I would like to conclude on this note that depression is real thing, mental health is a real thing, please read about it, be more aware about it, if you come across someone with mental health issues, please don’t leave them be, help them, support them, and do seek professional help too. Being an active listener is also very important. Lastly, be a mindful citizen and a mindful person.