We are fine. Aren’t we?

-Written by Ms. Cheeru

How are you? Well I’m fine thank you.  Einstein’s equation might change, but not our answer to this query.  Doing well or not, everybody has got the same answer. Five or fifty, nobody means it!  The society just expects us to be fine. So we are.

How am I? Everyone should actually ask this often to themselves. But do we do that like, at least once in a blue moon?  No.  And it’s not just about the physical aspect of it, am I at peace with my mind? That’s also wellness, right? And that’s also something we hardly care about. Something that still remains a taboo, say even in this 21st century. It actually took me by surprise, say a pleasant one, when the seemingly not so literate Saji from 2019 Malayalam blockbuster Kumbalangi Nights at a certain point in the film said his little brother-I think I’m losing it, just take me to a hospital or say, a doctor.  The question is, Will we do that? Will we figure that out and ask for help likewise, after the zillions of awareness lectures or say, at the least, after hearing all these celebrities talk? I still doubt.

I see people suffering and their families feel a sense of shame about it, which doesn’t help. One needs support and understanding.
-says Deepika Padukone on depression.

And unlike physical illness where there is a certain limit to the healing we, as a relative, friend or a well wisher might be able to do, in mental health issues we can actually help. Say, from enabling a person in understanding it to helping him recover. In the former, may be all we can do is keep the person happy or pour him some love which probably might not have any effect on his physical condition. In the latter, even that would suffice. Giving a shoulder, a listening ear, all of it may cost us nothing but the same can be of inestimable value for the other person for him to battle it. Stated it’s not that easy as it may sound. The happiest person you know can be the one talking about self harm the next moment or the person who you think, have it all in life, can be the one who is depressed. Crazy right? No it isn’t.  And about the so called logic, its only there till you are in charge of your mind. Right? And ironically, it’s quite easy to let someone drown as well. For we don’t know or will never understand the effect of a word, a breakup, or a gaze on the other person.

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