The sport of developing mental peace

Written By – Ms. Cheeru

The slightest of the physical injury or ill health can make one unfit when you’re in the race to take part in any of the sports events. Everybody knows that. But something that hardly gets spotlight is the mental state of the person, which is also of equal importance. Even when physical capability is the deciding factor for many a sport, the psychological or emotional aspect often comes to play as well. For, we all know how important it is to have that presence of mind, concentration, focus or perseverance that is demanded.  Someone who is affected by the sledging or comments passed by the unknown, someone who is disturbed over anything personal, someone who is overly pressurized about the end result or his individual performance, most probably, will fail to give his best.

Sports personals undergo a lot of mental fitness training just as the physical fitness ones. Anyhow nothing goes as predetermined in the field or court, these just equip them to cope up with the pressure, to have a mental edge over the opponent, the mental toughness, to stay calm, read the competitor’s mind and deliver the best of them.

And either we lose or we win. That’s as simple as that. Not just in sports, but in terms of everything.  When we accept that with respect and dignity, we earn the same. And we tend to call that the sportsmanship or colloquially, the ‘sportsman spirit’. Not just sportsman, for every man that is a virtue. A virtue attained by maintaining a peace of mind, which gives you the peace of mind.  

A life lesson to the world of competitions,

By yours sincerely,


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