The Busy Bee

Written By- Ms. Cheeru

You can seem so busy for a person yet can be available and free for another. How is that even possible?  Say, most times it can be the mom, dad or close family who gets to hear the ‘the person you’re trying to call is busy, please call later” dialer tone while for certain others, you’ll be picking up in the very first ring.

You can be 24/7 available when you try to woo someone, yet can go all held up once you have them. How is that even possible? Most relationships, be it with your friends or partner, go through the same phases considering the time you have for them or how “busy” you’re.

The “busy? who? not at all” stage-  Mostly the initial stage of every relationship. Nobody is busy in here. We all have enough and more time for the other person.  And the priorities; we just know!

The “busy? yes but I still have time for you” stage- The in-between stage.  We might be occupied with something else yet ‘finds’ time for the people in our life.   We have the priorities set here as well. It’s just that, we just know how to balance them.

The “busy? don’t you know” stage- After a particular point of time the niceness might just disappear.  Priorities change and time becomes scarce. And so is the communication.

And why is that? It’s just that we started taking them for granted. Otherwise being busy is just a notion. It’s all about priorities. No matter how held up you’re, with work or anything, you will find time if you really want to. Or you can. And how you expect the other person to read it than a plain shrug off?


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