Revenge? Say No. Let karma handle it.

-Written by Ms. Cheeru

Broken beyond repair? Forget about revenge. And let karma handle it. Tit for tats have become the old hat already.

For the people intimidating you or waiting for you to react, keep calm, be patient and give them the widest grin. You’re supposed to do the unexpected, always. And that’s how you do it. Moreover, revenge is not a solution to any problem or the troubler. Also, you’re nobody to take revenge on someone, say, God have better plans. And if you do, it is your life which is going meaningless, not theirs. You are wasting your time, not them. There is much more to your life.

Show whoever they are, your success,

The best and unparalleled form of revenge to ever exist.

Isn’t it really hard to refrain yourself form retaliating? Of course it is.  It takes lot of courage and remarkable stoicism to do so.To be frank, it’s the weakest who resolve to the plotting, revenge and whatsoever. One might not be able to have that character in his/her early years and that’s why we grew up thinking taking a revenge makes you the alpha. But not anymore when you finally get to be the far-sighted adult.

Furthermore, the power of forgiveness, you can’t be ignorant about that. To patch things up, to make the peace and to forgive, it demands a superior state of mind. And forgetting whatever whoever did to you and making a peace offering can only make your life a thousand fold more peaceful.

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