Living in the moment

Have you ever thought while sipping coffee or tea that when was the last time you actually noticed the faces of the people around you or heard their laugh properly?
Why exactly these things matter? Wondering about that right?

These things actually display an individual’s ability to live in the moment. Sure, there are many more ways of living in the moment but these are really basic ones to start with. It shows that an individual is respectful to the people around him/her and in general values their words, their laughs or even their silences. Most of us in the hustle and bustle of life tend to overlook people around us and feel overwhelmingly burdened with tensions of the future.

"I just finished my exams, I hope, I am able to pass in Maths and Science papers"

Imagine the state of mind of this child who has finished his exams and already he/she thinks of the result that isn’t in their control. Isn’t this all of us, in most of the life situations? We must try a different approach in life, there is no harm in that. As humans, we must try to find for ways that makes us happier and not tensed about anything that is beyond our control.

The child can do multiples things and try out multiple approaches of living in the present like getting a good, sound sleep (of course, exams can be tiring), sit with family members and CHILL, or simply do what helps him/her not think of anything related to the future AT ALL and just keeps the senses focused on the experiences of the present moment.

We must realise that life isn't like "instant noodles" - 2 minutes and the final product is ready.


It is like a recipe that is made with love and overnight efforts in the kitchen with patience where the cook enjoys each phase of preparation and practically, lives in the moment.

-By Mr. Mohit

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