For a Good Night and Sweet Dreams..


A sleep, so peaceful and sound, is something we all deserve to have. But the fact is, our very own lifestyle and habits can make us devoid of the same. And we end up tossing and turning all night. Have you been asking for remedies to put an end to this? Its nothing literally, you just need to put into practice a few things, as simple as,

A consistent sleep-wake cycle please.

So that your internal clock can set the alarm properly, make it a habit to go to bed and wake up at a definite and fixed time. And about those power naps during daytime, they might have boosted your energy back then, but that can backfire once you try to sleep at night. So its better avoid naps during the day.

The milieu is crucial.

There are people who can just fall asleep no matter wherever they’re, sometimes in the study, other times on the cushion etc. But remember, the room, its surroundings, the bed or even a mere pillow can contribute to the easiness of your sleep.

What you take to the bed matters.

The thoughts, the phone, the accessories or the book, remember, everything you take to the bed can have an effect on your sleep. It’s been a custom for the Gen Z to have their phones along in the bed, though we are very much sure we’re doing it wrong.

Food and exercise too.

As we all know, heavy food at night can be a hindrance to a sound sleep. Food supplements, such as fruits or fish that induce melatonin, the sleep hormone, is mostly preferred by experts. Proper exercise or yoga is also important.

A shower and PJs.

A bedtime bath can help us regulate our body temperature, to keep us either warm or cool as one would like to. Also make sure you sleep in comfortable clothing only.


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