Dealing with the “problematic” social media

Written By: Ms. Cheeru

Sigh! Being social in the virtual world is turning out to be all about abuse, bullying, spreading hate and what not! Being tough is the new cool, says the new norm. It’s no more about the urge to communicate or befriend, but about the hostility, putting the other down, love for passing filthy comments or the schadenfreude on seeing them. The utter sad state of matter is that the millennials are now growing up with the impression that the opinionated attitude, rudeness, swearing or use of curse words in every sentence they utter is making them sound cool. And no comments on the number of fights happening day to day on these platforms owing to the idol or fandom culture. Alas, the age restrictions on such social media are there for a reason, hence proved! It would be cool if they could put up a disclaimer for the fainthearted too.

However, we certainly have a choice when it comes to social media. We need not lap up everything it throws at us. We can filter the content by means of both brain and the technology. We can unfriend people, mute people or tags, block them and can go invisible with a mere click, which we aren’t capable in real. How cool, right?  One just needs to use these superficial powers we are being offered to pull through the toxicity around there.

Engage in healthy conversations, just refrain from blabbering about things you hate.

Spread love instead, it’s that simple. You might not be able to change the mindset of the whole world, but at least you can keep yourself less affected by all the high voltage dramas. Turn a blind eye towards hate, that’s ultra cool.

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