The love for flings or the phobia of commitment?


From flings? “What? No never” to commitment? “We don’t do that here” we have come a long way. The concept of a ‘forever’ or ‘lifetime commitment’ somewhat died out in between. And now, we are so used to playing it safe that even a roller coaster ride of life and love appears a risky business.

A relationship demands your time, trust, love, loyalty, care, efforts and a lot more of emotional investment.

For the same reasons, it won’t be working well for everyone. Especially, the commitment-phobic ones. They tend to settle on casual dating and flirting which is free of the complications caused by unnecessary expectations of a relationship. 

And when both the sides are looking for the same, nothing can go wrong either. You can just say goodbye and keep moving on when you’re done, breaking out the possible mishaps and melodrama of a break-up.

Nevertheless a fling is nothing more than a short-lived ecstasy.

So it is better to have your rules laid down prior. But whatsoever, every single of those can teach you one or two lessons of love. And maybe, just maybe, a couple of them, say in a copious, can even end up as a forever commitment, who knows.

It may never give you the warmth of a true love, the companionship in the highs and lows in life that you expect or the sense of security and respect you deserve and on top of that it may even mess up your mind with a sense of guilt when the other person’s expectations on the ‘relationship’ isn’t the same, and they’re into more.

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