Big cities, Big Problems, Big Experts

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When we say cites are getting bigger we clearly need no statistical support to prove that point. We just know for the fact that it is true.

Don’t we?

After all, we’re seeing that with our very own eyes, everyday. But then, what about ourlives? The lives in cities?Most of us might tend to say, it’s also getting bigger and better. But is that it? Is that all? Never. Behind the alluring perfection that city life is, there is of course a darker side where our problems are getting bigger and worse.

The human resources are somewhat exploited in our workplaces the same way we does with others. Not many of our employers make sure their employees get enough leisure, enough holidays and enough rest. The work culture hasn’t yet reached that point where we respect the human resource we have, especially in the matters of lower grade employees.

The burden of work and job strain, even today, steals the majority of our lives and the littlest of our happinesses.But little do we realise the effect this hectic workloads have in our physical and mental health, until and unless it starts showing.In this busy run even we don’t find time to care for ourselves, in most cases. And in the mostly secluded and equally busy city lives, having somebody else do that for you is kind of out of question

Sometimes all you need might be an ear that listens, a real conversation or a guidance on how to keep a better work-life balance. Remember, it’s not just your successful career that matters, it’s you and your happiness above all. Reach out for yourselves at the least. OpenWingsWellness will always be there for you at the other end. Now providing online counselling in Mumbai, online counselling in Delhi and also the service of our psychologist in Delhi.

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