Suicide: Let’s Help

Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one’s own death. The inability to see solutions to problems or to cope with challenging life circumstances may lead people to see taking their own lives as the only solution. Suicides are impulsive acts due to mental illness,… Read More »Suicide: Let’s Help

Living in the moment

Have you ever thought while sipping coffee or tea that when was the last time you actually noticed the faces of the people around you or heard their laugh properly? Why exactly these things matter? Wondering about that right? These things actually display an individual’s… Read More »Living in the moment

We are fine. Aren’t we?

-Written by Ms. Cheeru How are you? Well I’m fine thank you.  Einstein’s equation might change, but not our answer to this query.  Doing well or not, everybody has got the same answer. Five or fifty, nobody means it!  The society just expects us to… Read More »We are fine. Aren’t we?

It isn’t for me

Written by: Ms. Cheeru If it isn’t about mutual respect, it isn’t for me. It’s that easy.   Isn’t it? In a world where anyone can say “let’s breakup” and just move on, why are a few still stuck in relationships that are like, really… Read More »It isn’t for me

The Busy Bee

Written By- Ms. Cheeru You can seem so busy for a person yet can be available and free for another. How is that even possible?  Say, most times it can be the mom, dad or close family who gets to hear the ‘the person you’re… Read More »The Busy Bee