Anger Management

Anger is such an emotion that often makes things go out of control. It makes you, the person, go out of your own control. It can be for a reason or no reason at all. And no matter what, anger is neither cool nor macho but a weakness.

Understand it.

Having understood the reason behind your temper or what triggered it can help you tame the same. The reason can be ones past experience, current experience or anything. In order to figure it out easily, it’s better to keep a diary of events. So that you can go through it and conclude what actually went wrong with your mind so that it got irked. And if the source of your anger is some other person, empathise with them, try to think from their perspective. If that doesn’t help, just learn to forget and forgive.

Act wisely, don’t react.

If you let your anger react in a situation, the damage it might cause will be big. And it’s nearly impossible to undo that. So if you’re unable to watch your words, it’s better to stay silent. And once you have a clear mind, you can talk that out.

Ask for help.

There’s no shame in seeking help from loved ones or even a psychologist or therapist when you feel like you can’t deal with the anger issues alone, anymore. And if it’s even earlier, the better.

Involve yourself in physical activity.

Use the rush of energy for the good. May be, a workout. That can be an effective way to cool down your anger.


Sleep deprivation, or simply, lack of relaxation can also be reasons for your temper, sometimes. If you can get yourself to relax the moment you feel like exploding, nothing can be better.

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