We are your best friend, confidant and advisor on relationship issues and mental wellness.

We are your 11 PM friend- the one you can talk to when you are feeling low. You can speak your heart out with us and we will take everything you say VERY SERIOUSLY. Anything regarding your relationship with yourself, your special one, your friends, your parents, you can talk to us.

We are here by your side- through the message and the chat feature on our app, available on Google Play.

Why do we exist?

We exist to make a difference in your life, helping you sleep peacefully by assisting you to come out of mired situations.

Anything troubling you, we are here for you.

What does success look like?

YOUR success is OUR success. With you becoming stronger than what you are facing, we feel SUCCESSFUL ourselves.

How do we act?

We treat everyone’s issues with utmost RESPECT, SINCERITY and GENUINE CARE, and of course we respect your ANONYMITY on your personal happenings.