Our Story

We are your best friend, confidant and advisor on relationship issues and mental wellness.

We are your 11 PM friend- the one you can talk to when you are feeling low. You can speak your heart out with us and we will take everything you say VERY SERIOUSLY. Anything regarding your relationship with yourself, your special one, your friends, your parents, you can talk to us.

We are here by your side- through the message and the chat feature on our app, available on Google Play.

Why do we exist?

We exist to make a difference in your life, helping you sleep peacefully by assisting you to come out of mired situations.

What does success look like?

YOUR success is OUR success. With you becoming stronger than what you are facing, we feel SUCCESSFUL ourselves.

How do we act?

We treat everyone’s issues with utmost RESPECT, SINCERITY and GENUINE CARE, and of course we respect your ANONYMITY on your personal happenings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

From where can you use OpenWings app?

ANYWHERE. You just need an internet connection to download our app and use our services.

What are our timings?

We are available from 10 AM to 10 PM. Book a slot up to next 1 week now.

What are your plans for EAP?

Send us an email to info@OpenWingsWellness.com to initiate a high-yielding discussion.

Ms. Sheeba

Ms. Sheeba


She is a dedicated psychologist counselor with 10 year experience of working within range of psychology and social environment. She also has an ability to work positively with clients and give them individual and group (relationship, psychiatric) counselling according to their need.​

Ms. Supriya

Ms. Supriya


She is a qualified counselor. She loves spending time with her two rottweilers! She enjoys reading, dancing, cross stitching and travelling. She is passionate about his work and aims to treat human problems and bring change in people so they can recognize their strengths. Person-Centered Therapy is her favourite and she practices empathy, active listening

Ms. Deepali


A qualified counselor with experience of working in range of social and individual relationship, physical and mental health care field. I love to spend time with family and friends.I also enjoy reading, cooking and gaming.

Ms. M. Nomitha Sharon


She is working as a Psychologist since past 5 years in different Institutions. Her passion being a Psychologist is to reach out to people who undergo tough situations all alone and help them survive it with ease. She loves to read and write books and poetry.

Mr. Mohit Parashar


He has contributed to various academic research projects involving diverse groups of people from different spheres of life. He loves to write poems & stories as for him it is a great way to vent out feelings and emotions.

The Management

Mr. Utkarsh

Founder, Strategy HEAD & DIRECTOR

He is an IIT Kanpur MBA alumni with interests in travelling, playing & reading. He aims to make mental health the priority for you.

Mr. Adrish

Technology Head & DIRECTOR

An Electronics engineer turned IT personnel, passionate about everything related to Software, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. In spare time, he enjoys playing badminton, travelling and doing techie projects.