5 Meaningful Books to Read While in Home

In search of an insight into yourself?

Your thoughts?

So as to keep you at peace or to calm yourself down?

Books can tell you things you were ignorant about the whole life.

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a F*ck

– Mark Manson

The desire for more positive experience is itself a negative experience. And paradoxically, the acceptance of one’s negative experience is itself a positive experience “

Mark Manson’s current fad is a straight dope. Which teaches us how content your life can be if you least care about things. It might sound like the absolute paradox to everything you have heard till date; but trust it to simplify all those complex equations of life to nothings. Just go read, the book can answer your whats and whys.

The Things You See Only When You Slow Down

– Haemin Sunim

Don’t struggle to heal your wounds. Just pour time into your heart and wait. When your wounds are ready, they will heal on their own,”

This Haemin Sunim philosophy breaks in to this bustling world, requesting us all to chill out and experience the oblivious. And make sure you read it ‘slow’ the book can offer you much more.

The Prophet

– Kahlil Gibran

Yesterday is but today’s memory and tomorrow is today’s dream.”

This Kahlil Gibran classic speaks to us everything about love, marriage, work, freedom, crime and punishment, death and what not. And isn’t that life itself in a nutshell? And no one can doubt the efficacy of this Khalil Gibran prose poetry to unravel a little more every time you read. So reread.

The Book of Questions

– Gregory Stock

And why does my skeleton pursue me If my soul has fallen away?”

Prefer poetry over prose? Tobe asked to think of your own over to be told what to do. And the questions over the answers. This Pablo Neruda poetry is for you. Like no other book of poetry, this has nothing but solely questions. Questions that not only seeks their answers but also your imagination.

The Secret

– Rhonda Byrne

Create your day in advance by thinking the way you want it to go, and you will create your life intentionally.”

This self-help book by Rhonda Byrne will definitely make you conscious of your own thoughts. May be that might frighten you to a certain degree but what’s more interesting than a piece of writing that stimulates you to have an erudite discussion with yourself? To redirect yourself to do better? And motivates you to ‘make your thoughts a thing’? I guess, nothing.

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